30 Post Ideas for Your Restaurant's Social Media

So, you've found yourself with five minutes of downtime at the restaurant and decide to spend it posting on your Facebook Page or Instagram. Great! But then it hits you...

"what should I post?"

Everybody can use some inspiration now and then, so we've put together 30 post ideas for those times your mind goes blank.

Use them as a jump off point, or print out this list and stick it up in the office for those times you need a quick resource. 

  1. Best selling menu item
  2. Bartender making a cocktail
  3. Key ingredient of popular dish
  4. Ask followers their favorite menu item
  5. Answer a question guests frequently ask
  6. Highlight and introduce longest employee
  7. Staff birthday shoutout
  8. Show who’s behind the bar
  9. Show who’s hosting / hostessing
  10. Reshare a guest’s photo you’re tagged in (but ask first!)
  11. Invite followers to upcoming event
  12. Share a fun fact relevant to products you sell / industry
  13. Ask for feedback on new menu item
  14. Share a recipe for items similar to what’s on your menu
  15. Show what happens pre-service
  16. Show who’s making guests’ meals today
  17. Thank a guest for a positive review
  18. Shoutout vendors or nonprofit partners
  19. Introduce new team member
  20. Share the daily specials and inspiration behind them
  21. Ask followers to guess how many _____ you go through per day (tomatoes, avocados, choose an ingredient used often)
  22. Host a Q&A on Facebook Live with Chef
  23. Ask followers to choose from 3 ingredients to be used in upcoming special / menu item
  24. Show what’s on tap
  25. Cross promote a new local beer with brewery
  26. Share some history about your building or restaurant
  27. Snapshot a day in the life of a manager through a picture
  28. Recommend a beverage pairing with popular dishes
  29. Tell story behind artwork, design piece in your restaurant
  30. Share a photo (with permission) of a regular and thank them for their loyalty

Have any more ideas you'd like to add?

Let us know in the comments.