MARCH 21, 2018


If you're like me, you spend a lot of your workday in your email. No judgment - I've read all the articles on ways to manage it to be more productive too, but I still find myself in my inbox all. the. time. (PS, thank you for opening this one.) But you and me, we aren't the only ones. Somewhere in the midst of our culture's collective inability to step away from constantly being "on", there has to be an opportunity...

Oh, that's right! Your email signature. Every email you send is like a mini marketing moment with someone who can further your business, whether it's a customer, a vendor, a colleague, or even a friend. And like every marketing moment, your signature needs to have a clear message and a clean look.   

Take 5 minutes and think about the most important piece of information that should be communicated about you. Often, an email is how a recipient is first introduced to the people behind your company, so including your standard contact info, your position, your logo, and company social links is important. Adding your logo also adds some color, which is a good thing.

From here you have a few options of what else to include, but keep it simple and don't highlight more than one thing. You want to make it easy for people to remember a useful piece of information. You also have an opportunity to have them click through to wherever you'd like to take them. 

- A link to your recent blog post that's full of relevant, interesting, and helpful information.
- A link asking recipients to sign up for your informative and consistently sent out newsletter.
- A link with information on an event you have coming up.
- A link to recent press coverage, but only if it's interesting.
- Legal disclaimers if your industry requires it. 

- Legal disclaimers if your industry does not require it. 
- Multiple addresses, or any if people don't visit you at a physical location.
- More than two phone numbers, and only two if you actually use both your home/office and cell...
- The email address you're sending the email from. So redundant.
- Inspirational quotes, jokes, or animated gifs... 
- Professional associations you're a part of, especially if they're irrelevant to your work. (LinkedIn is an excellent place for this, though!)
- Logos of awards you've won. Congrats, but save this for social, your bio on your website, or a blog post.

Your email is prime real estate to drive action!


  • Include your company logo and consider a small photo of yourself if you're an entrepreneur or if personal branding is important to your company.
  • Type out your information instead of importing an image where it's included. This way, people can click on your phone number, website, and other links directly. 
  • Use social icons instead of links to your social media pages. Too many links turn people off. 
  • Consider getting some input from someone with an eye for design. Your signature should be balanced, make use of spacing and fonts that mimic your branding, and look clean. 
Instructions to set up your email signature:
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The Gadsden is hosting their first installment of their "Field Notes" series tomorrow.

The Gadsden is a new luxury condo development, coming soon to downtown Charleston at Concord and Laurens Streets. The "Field Notes" series aims to bring the community together with local experts to talk about our Holy City, its culture, history, and food. The first event is tomorrow at 5:30pm and will feature Hanna Raskin and her new book, New Charleston Cuisine. Ticket sales benefit local charities, with tomorrow's proceeds going to GrowFood Carolina.

There are lots of new developments, restaurants, stores, etc that come to our fine city, but not all of them take the time to meaningfully introduce and ingratiate themselves with the local community. It's a good play to do so. This sounds like a fun event that will introduce people to The Gadsden and also shows they care.

If you go, let us know how it is!

Got a cool promotion coming up that's a good example of local marketing? Let us know.

Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when their use of buzzwords like these run rampant. Don't overdo it with adding these words to your daily vernacular, but now you know. 
GIFs [contentiously debated
An image file format that allows for it to be animated. They've been around since the 80's, but you're seeing them all over the internet and in your iMessages more recently.  
Answer it, but get creative with how. When's the last time you did a Facebook Live video? Give it a try today. Introduce yourself, talk a little about what you're doing today and answer a Frequently Asked Question. Pretend you're Facetiming a friend and don't overthink it! 

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