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When was the last time you read through your Facebook reviews? Or (please don't quit reading now) hopped over to your business page on Yelp? Taking a few minutes to address your customers' feedback on review sites is literally the last thing on the priority list of "things to do" for most businesses, but I will maintain that it's essential.

First of all, these unicorn people who take the time to leave feedback about your business are the minority. For every one person that leaves a review, there are a million (this is not scientific) others that have their own opinion on their experience, good or bad, that just go on with their day. Don't you think those that let you know their thoughts deserve to be recognized? I do. Plus, you wouldn't ghost your guests and customers if they were standing in front of you, so why do it online?

Regardless of what I think, I know that when you make it a point to respond, even with a simple "thank you", you're doing more than most others do. And that makes you look good. 

Of course, there are a bunch of other reasons to read and respond to your reviews. Free feedback on products or services, insights to trends within your business you can capitalize on, an opportunity to learn something about a customer that you can hold on to and surprise them with when you see them next, etc. 

Have you claimed your accounts on all the review sites? If not, start here with this list of the most popular:

- Google My Business
- Facebook (you've claimed if you have a Facebook Page)
- Yelp (restaurants, local service businesses)
- Amazon (if you sell products through Amazon)
- TripAdvisor (places, destinations, hotels, restaurants)
- Better Business Bureau
- Houzz (home, design, construction)


  • Identify someone on your team who'd be the best fit to own the responsibility of monitoring and responding to reviews. Hint: this person is someone whose role is already about customer service. It doesn't have to be your marketing person just because it's online! 
  • Have a plan for negative feedback.
Restaurants, read more here.

Pasta making classes at Butcher & Bee sell out!

Butcher & Bee's pasta making class with Chef Michael Zentner was so popular that they added several more to the calendar and sold out most of them. Guests were invited to pay $75 to learn how to make pasta in B&B's kitchen. Beginners could learn the basics in small groups of 10ish people, get familiar with making the dough and participate in a hands-on demo on what to do with it before enjoying a meal prepared by the Chef himself. 

Making pasta from scratch is one of my favorite things ever to do, but beyond that, this event gave Butcher & Bee's guests an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes. Learning from the head chef is not something all guests get to experience, which makes them a little more invested in the restaurant itself. At $75 a ticket, B&B upped their average check for those evenings, with presumably little increase to costs. Plus, anytime you can bring people together through a shared experience, you're giving them a new story to tell others about the restaurant that goes beyond just what they ate.  

Got a cool promotion coming up that's a good example of local marketing? Let us know.

Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when their use of buzzwords like these run rampant. Don't overdo it with adding these words to your daily vernacular, but now you know. 
ghosting [GOH-sting] 
The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. The internet makes this especially easy for people to do, (deleting accounts or blocking people so the "ghoster" becomes invisible), so that's why you're hearing more about it. If you're a business that ignores your online reviews, you're essentially ghosting your customers. Don't do that!
Answer it, but get creative with how. When's the last time you did a Facebook Live video? Give it a try today. Introduce yourself, talk a little about what you're doing today and answer a Frequently Asked Question. Pretend you're Facetiming a friend and don't overthink it! 

(If you make this happen today, shoot me a note and let me know when, I'll tune in if I can!) 

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